The consortium is made by Winmedical (co-ordinator), a company  leader in the field of medical monitoring, CNIT, research body of primary importance for the development of environmental sensors, 3logic for the mobile app that will integrate the information from the sensors for their use in the field wellness; Extra for the development of the data integration platform from the sensors, and for the provision of the same via web applications and web services, and Cubit, which will deal with the validation and standardization of systems.


WinMedical is a medical device company dedicated to development, marketing and commercialisation of an innovative, modular and wearable continuous vital signs monitoring system for Patients in low-acuity hospital care units and at home.

WinMedical was founded in Pisa, Italy, in 2009 as a University spin-off of the “Scuola Superiore di Studi e Perfezionamento Sant’Anna”. Winmedical’s mission is to create world class wireless medical systems based on cutting-edge technologies for the wellbeing of the humankind.

Winmedical has brought to the market WinPack. WinPack connects Clinicians, Nurses and Patients, improves care and safety of Patients, streamlines workflows, reduces the risk of liability for medical staff, and drives cost efficiency in hospitals.


3logic MK Ltd. is a digital manufacturing company that since over 10 years develops custom solutions based on the end users requirements, reaching over the time a very good quality standard, as certified by the satisfaction of many of the largest Italian companies in the field of fashion, telecommunications and automotive.

Key activities of 3logic MK Srl are essentially based on the ability to design and develop web and/or mobile applications and on system integration – the ability to integrate across complex systems  adding value to the customer without changing the processes business in use, but only strengthening them new functions or links to other tools.

The company’s core values ​​are:

  • Respect for young talents: 3logic relies on energy and skills of the new generations that are side by side to veterans, in an explosive mix of creativity and professionalism;
  • A culture of innovation: 3logic experiments with new technologies before they become “fashionable”;
  • Quality: elegance, reliability, high performance.


Cubit – Consortium Ubiquitous Technologies is a center of excellence for the design and development of wireless telecommunications systems based on RFID, NFC and Wireless Sensor Networks. Cubit is also a qualified Testing and Certification lab. Cubit members are the University of Pisa, the Navacchio Techno Park and a cluster of highly innovative companies with the aim of creating a new technology transfer model in the telecommunications sector. R & D activities are carried out in collaboration with some research groups of national and international importance, allowing the development of solutions and innovative products with high technological content.


Extra is a system integrator, providing software development services and professional IT consultancy.

The proposal is based on the development of Web-based Enterprise class applications and development of Open Source and Cloud platforms.

The services supplied focus on five branches:

  • Software development based on Open Source and Cloud based applications
  • Development of Custom Software
  • Professional services on Software Integration and Process Automation
  • Professional services on Digital Marketing
  • Professional services on system and infrastructure management, with a focus on cloud and storage



The Radar and Surveillance Systems (RaSS) National Laboratory is a branch of the National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT) which is a no-profit organization of 37 Italian Universities, founded in 1995 with the aim of coordinating and promoting advanced training and theoretical and applied research activities in the field of Telecommunication and Applied Electromagnetism.

The RaSS Lab carries out its research activity in the field of radar, remote sensing, applied electromagnetism, telecommunications and signal processing.